Beach House: Levitation

 “The branches of the trees, they will hang lower now. You will grow too quick, then you will get over it.”

After a three-year break, Beach House returned in 2015 with Depression Cherry. I bought my copy on vinyl from Main Street Music in Manayunk. I usually don’t buy new vinyl due to the generally extortionate prices, but at $19.98 I recognized and rewarded a good faith effort toward affordability. Read more

The Gene Clark No Other Band: Lady of the North

“Flying high above the clouds, we lay in the grassy meadow. The earth was like a pillow for our dreams.”

I did eventually pick up Gene Clark’s No Other on CD thanks to the publicity of this concert series. I have not yet listened to it. I planned instead for a long revue to take place this fall, of some 20 or so CDs that I bought from the now defunct a.k.a Music on its last weekend open to the public, No Other among them. Read more

The Gene Clark No Other Band: No Other

“When the stream of changing days turns around in so many ways, then the pilot of the mind must find the right direction.”

Hard to believe summer is over half done and I haven’t gotten around to reviewing my post-Bloom Beach House albums! Better get to ’em while there’s time! What’s held me up the past several weeks was not making time enough to watch and absorb Beach House’s interim side project, The Gene Clark No Other Band, in action. Read more

Air: Seven Stars

“Do you know where you’re going?”

The electronic space-pop duo Air enlisted Beach House’s Victoria Legrand to perform vocals on Seven Stars, from their soundtrack to the 2012 restored color version of Georges Méliès 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans la Lune. Read more

Beach House: Wishes

“One in your life. It happens once and rarely twice.”

Wishes is another clear highlight from Bloom, with an artful, eye-candy music video directed by comedian Eric Wareheim. I think I’m supposed to like this guy, Eric Wareheim, but I’m not sure from where. Read more