#SongsOfMy2019, No. 3: “Lover, You Should Have Come Over”, by Jeff Buckley

Every year, a certain song emerges as the one that relaxes me after a long day of teaching. In past years that song has been such songs as “Little Wing” by Derek and the Dominos and “Follow You, Follow Me”, by Genesis. This year the honor goes to the late Jeff Buckley.

#SongsOfMy2019, No. 8: “In the Water”, by Tomer Yosef

This bloke Tomer Yosef was in an Israeli band called Balkan Beat Box, but he went solo and made this album, Laughing Underground, in 2008. Ariel RG made me a copy not long after, but it kind of slept on my hard drive for about a decade.
This song came up on my random this year after school one day. I was working at the U-School at the time. This song came on, and it was kind of jolly so it stuck with me for a couple weeks. I assume he is singing in Hebrew. I don’t know what he’s singing about. It might have something to do with a rooster. 🤷‍♂️ If anyone out there in WordPressland understands Hebrew, I’d be interested in an insightful translation.

#SongsOfMy2019, No. 10: “As Sure as the Sun”, by The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Another year, another Top 10, ladies and gentlemen. This year is kinda weird because this year, unlike other years, I did not post much music to social media. I therefore left no record of the music I listened to all year. I therefore had to reconstruct my musical year from memory. A little Shazaam, too, but mostly memory.

One song I remember listening to this year with my dear friend Krystal was “As Sure as the Sun”, by The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This was on heavy rotation during our springtime Pokémon Go! outings.