~ “Any way you run, you run before us. Black and white horse, arching among us.”

It’s February 26, 2017. I’ve got flowers blooming in front of my house. The temperature will be in the 60s later in the week. The Erin Express launches down Wildwood in two short weeks. In honor of our early spring this year, I’m treating myself to a little Beach House mini-marathon.

I jumped on the Beach House bandwagon around the time of Teen Dream, so I’ve got only the last four of their six albums. I’ve had their latest album, Thank Your Luck Stars, languishing in shrink wrap for over a year, while I labored on my protracted The Who marathon of 2016. Now that I’ve finally wrapped that up, I’ve unwrapped my copy of Thank Your Lucky Stars, which is now ready for it’s long overdue consideration.

In light of the weather, I got to thinking I should do a Beach House marathon of the albums of theirs I have in my collection, starting with Teen Dream. Beach House is summer music for me. I think the name Beach House sort of invites that association. Strengthening the association, I spent much of the summer of 2011 walking around the island of the Wildwoods, listening to nothing but Beach House and bar exam study lectures on my aging iRiver H340.

Now that the sun is shining brightly in early 2017, I’m getting ready for warmer weather, and few thing will help usher that in better than a spin of my four Beach House albums. Starting with the earliest album of theirs I own, 2010’s Teen Dream.

Teen Dream starts with Zebra, which has a music video directed by one Mark Brown. The CD booklet mentions a website for Mr. Brown: http://www.mcbrown.info. As of today, the website is defunct, and further information on Mr. Brown seems hard to come by.


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