~ “It is happening again.”

Picking a highlight from Teen Dream is difficult, but Silver Soul has always been one of my favorites, helped there by this sultry music video of painted young ladies and their hula hoops.

The Teen Dream CD came with a bonus DVD of music videos, one for each song on the album, and each directed by a different director. I wasn’t too keen on most of the videos, and some I actively avoid, but the Silver Soul video has always been a pleasure.

Guitarist Alex Scally, when asked about the album’s title:

 It sucks that we’re both not interviewing right now, because Victoria is the lyricist. She and I, whenever there are things like titles and certain lyrics, they always come about the same way; it’s blurted out at some moment, it’s never thought over. We were working on the song “Silver Soul” and it was really late one night and she said “You know what? This group of songs is Teen Dream.” And we’d been talking about different weird titles, but it immediately resonated with us, because that song is kind of a sex anthem or something. It’s a super intense passionate song, and we were working on it in the heat of the summer, and it started to be revealed to us that all these songs are kind of imbued with this hysterical passion that you kind of have when you’re a teenager, kind of a bizarre super obsession. Also something about those words together seemed instantly classic to us, like they were just sitting there, waiting for us to take it. It felt like serious, but also sugary, but it just felt completely right for these songs. ~ CokeMachineGlow.com

Singer, lyricist, and keyboardists Victoria Legrand directed the Silver Soul video herself.


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