~ “In and out of my life, you would slip from my mind in a matter of time.”

Walk in the Park is probably the highlight of Teen Dream, though it is still hard to pick. I happened to find the lyrics most relatable, about people coming into and going out of my life, and eventually slipping from my mind to some extent. I’m sure most people can relate to this type of lyric, which I think is what gives Beach House it’s broad appeal.

I thought the official video for Walk in the Park was a detraction—almost a violation. It seemed to me like a smorgasbord of unnecessarily gross shock value. That sort of thing has a time and place, which is not when I’m reminiscing lost loves and all that. I wonder sometimes who gave this the okay. Who saw this video and thought, “Yes, that’s the one. That should be the official video for Walk in the Park.”? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it.

The director is Allen Cordell, who is still active at allencordell.tv, with his portfolio of weirdly shocking videos. The others seem to work better with their subject matter, so have a look. As for Walk in the Park, I would rather have been left to simply enjoy it.

Here is Allen Cordell’s music video for Walk in the Park. You can admire the thumbnail, if you like, but I would advise you not to play it. Once seen, it can not be unseen:


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