“Real love, it finds you somewhere with your back to it.”

Real Love, the penultimate track on the Teen Dream album, provides some falling action. When Joe Colly interviewed the duo for Pitchfork, he asked about the “heavy vintage soul and R&B quality” to songs like Real Love. Alex Scally replied:

Yeah, I mean there’s really no ending of the type of songs that we or I loved over the last year. It’s more like that than types of music. I’ll find a song or a half of a record and just love the shit out of it. One song that I was deeply obsessed with right before we recorded was “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”. That song, I love it. If you just heard the beat alone, you’d probably dance. But no one would ever dance to it. And if they did dance they’d be, like, crying, drunk at a funeral. But yeah, there’s really no end to those realms of influence for me.

Something that I think gets forgotten a lot in modern press is that it’s more just songs that inspire. The songs always come first. When I listen to music, I’m looking for songs. I’m looking for an incredible feeling in a moment. Not a music movement. Movements can be cool because there can be a lot of bands that are maybe grouped together by a region or some kind of sonic texture. They can all be doing cool things, but only if they’re all writing good songs. I guess I’m really obsessed with songs.

The official video for Real Love was directed by Matt Amato, who has directed many music videos as a part of The Masses collaborative, including a video for Beach House’s Used to Be, in a different version than appears on the Teen Dream album and bonus disc.

Real Love:


Used to Be:


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