“I’d take care of you, if you’d ask me to.”

Take Care closes out Beach House’s Teen Dream, the first of their albums I own. The song was featured in an episode of the TV show New Girl, starring my other celebrity crush, Zooey Deschanel. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally spoke to Pitchfork about it:

VL: Syncs are different because artists have control over those types of things. We do say no to a lot, but we also say yes; I find ways of coming to peace with certain things. Sometimes a writer or actor will reach out and make it very personal.

AS: With “New Girl”, they said it was an episode about someone who had cancer, and the song came to mind while they were writing the scene. It didn’t come from some person whose job it is to seek out “hot new bands” and get them into shows to improve the brand.

Kevin Drew & Co. directed the song’s official video, which shows a matronly woman dancing, and offering to take care of the viewer from some sort of hazy, heavenly-like place. This is the same Kevin Drew who founded the indie rock outfit Broken Social Scene, whose songs Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl and Sweetest Kill have caught my attention over the past few years. See Kevin’s video for Take Care below:


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