“In between, it’s never as it seems. Help me to make it.”

The timing was just right for me to discover Beach House not too long before the release Bloom, their 2012 follow-up to Teen Dream. I don’t know if I listened to these songs more, or just more recently, but listening to this album last week I’ve found these songs to be a little more familiar to me than those on Teen Dream.

At the time, I did not believe that Bloom held any improvement over its predecessor, but now, in retrospect, this set is sort of like my ground zero of Beach House fandom. I don’t believe I made it out to the record store on the day of release, but I believe it was within a week. In addition to the CD album, I actually bought, like, a Bloom poster and a Bloom window sticker. I haven’t yet hung up either of these artifacts, but I’m still looking forward to a time when I will have some space to do that.

Myth, the album’s lead single, also opens the album, and has a music video directed by David Aragon.


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