“One in your life. It happens once and rarely twice.”

Wishes is another clear highlight from Bloom, with an artful, eye-candy music video directed by comedian Eric Wareheim. I think I’m supposed to like this guy, Eric Wareheim, but I’m not sure from where. I think several of my friends with good taste have expressed an affinity for his Adult Swim programme, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. I think I know from some short clips that I happened upon that John C. Reilly was in that. I usually like the stuff he’s in, so I imagine I would like TAEASGJ. Not being much of a television person, I’ve simply never settled down to watch it.

I learned later that Mr. Wareheim also directed another of my recent favorite music videos, The Youth, by MGMT.  Though humbler, that affair was equally colorful. These are the makings of a blossoming artist. I should follow Mr. Wareheim more closely.

Victoria LeGrand provided the initial inspiration for the weirdness you’ll find in the Wishes video. According to Mr. Wareheim, in an interview with Buzzfeed:

Usually, when I make videos, I tell the band, “Let me just do my thing,” and they’re usually OK with that. But this time I had been wanting to work with Beach House for a while. We became friends and were kind of chatting about it. Victoria [Legrand, lead singer and organist of Beach House] had three ideas — she wanted Ray Wise, a horse, and a sports thing. So I took those three ideas and kind of worked it into this story. And at that point, they were just like, “Do whatever you want, we love that.” There’s got to be a lot of trust in these relationships for it to pop. Sometimes, once the band gets really heavily involved, it just gets a little muddy.

Why Ms. Legrand wanted those three oddly specific things in this video, we may never know, but suffice to say Mr. Wareheim made them work together in the pop art extravaganza that became the music video for Wishes.

Ray Wise, the Twin Peaks actor whom Beach House and Eric Warheim tapped to star in the Wishes video, explained in an interview with Nerdist how he came to be involved in the project:

Yeah, it’s strictly my connection to Eric. Eric was a big fan of Twin Peaks, and of course I did the Tim and Eric show once or twice, and then I did their movie, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, and you know it all came from that connection… and Eric was going to do this music video for Beach House, and he was the one that came to me with this concept of the video, of me playing this coach for this futuristic sports team, and he was the one who came to me with the whole thing and asked me if I would do it. I really always enjoyed working with Eric and I immediately said yes, without even knowing how he was gonna pull it off!  And it worked out really great in the end.

Mr. Wise also spoke highly of Beach House and Eric Warheim in an on-camera interview with Superhero Junkies. He seems like a fun guy, despite his serious façade.

To learn more about the making of the Wishes video, do see also the short behind-the-scenes short film:

Lastly, do check out the Wishes portion for Beach House’s short film, Forever Still, performed live by the band and artfully directed for Pitchfork by Max Goldman:

Have I covered everything?


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