“When the stream of changing days turns around in so many ways, then the pilot of the mind must find the right direction.”

Hard to believe summer is over half done and I haven’t gotten around to reviewing my post-Bloom Beach House albums! Better get to ’em while there’s time! What’s held me up the past several weeks was not making time enough to watch and absorb Beach House’s interim side project, The Gene Clark No Other Band, in action. The band’s simple goal was to recreate the album No Other, by Ex-Byrds frontman Gene Clark, in a limited number of live performances.

The Washington Post reported:

The sprawling band featured a trio of female vocalists that included Victoria LeGrand, who, along with Alex Scally, make up the Baltimore duo Beach House. The pair came up with the idea for the five-date tribute tour, which grew from their love of the record and its cascading, genre-melding sound. …

“We’re literally taking on the identities of [the original musicians],” Scally told The Post Express’s Rudi Greenberg in an interview published last week. “If there’s any interpretation that is heard, it’s due to our ineptitude to perfectly execute it. . . . Like an actor, we’re trying to role-play.”

Although no album came of the project, Pitchfork was able to immortalize one of the band’s performances onto YouTube. You can see Victoria Legrand taking her place among the female backing vocalists, and Alex Scally keeping mostly to bass. Regular collaborators, like Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear, are in tow.

Enjoy the band’s performance of No Other, the title track of the No Other album, band, and tour.



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