“Was I surprised? Yeah. Was I surprised, no not at all.”

I picked this one up over the summer, listening to WMID AM radio on a dusty old 1970s Kenwood receiver that I have in Wildwood. I get nostalgic with the AM radio down there. It reminds me of the old days, back before we renovated the house. My parents used to play WCMC, the Wildwood oldies AM station, on their alarm clock radio during the evenings.

I distinctly remember hearing Percy Faith’s Theme From a Summer Place and Lulu’s To Sir With Love wafting out of that room on more than one occasion. Those have since become a nostalgic favorite of mines, but any old timey song filtered through an AM frequency can bring back that feeling, including some songs that I’ve never heard before, such as Pretty Ballerina.

I haven’t been able to receive WCMC on the old receiver from some reason—probably for want of a decent antenna. Where WCMC is unavailable, Atlantic City’s WMID is an adequate substitute, albeit lacking in some of the older standards, I think. WMID is the station that broadcast this, #10 on the list of the Top Ten #SongsOfMy2017.

I tried to “Shazam” this song when it was on, by my geriatric Alcatel Evolve 2 phone was too slow to load the app—not that I’m berating the phone. It was a great value, refurbished at $40, but it didn’t do the job that day. I had to visit the WMID website and check the playlist to learn the artist and title here.

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