“Lucky to the ducky.”

Moby Grape’s Grape Jam was sort of the lost fraternal twin to their 1968 Wow! LP, the latter of which I’ve had for many years. Only this year have I picked up the former from Main Street Music in Manayunk. They are together once again, in my records stacks.

Grape Jam was mostly loose jam sessions, so this was a fun little surprise at the end of the record. Even moreso, since the track was dropped from the CD re-issue of Wow!/Grape Jam, which I’ve also had for years.

In addition to melodies and musical skill, I quite enjoy musicians who create atmospheres. This track is all about atmosphere. I think the band perfectly captured that sound I hear in the inside of my mind when I’m dead tired but trying vainly to stay away. I hear these weird voices, coming and going, like dreams desperate to begin before I’m fully asleep. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that sound before while wide awake enough to fully appreciate it. For bringing that to me this year, Moby Grape’s The Lake has earned a spot on the Tom Ten #SongsOfMy2017.

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