“I couldn’t wait to get out but I love to go home, to remember the White City fighting.”

I did this giant The Who digitization marathon on facebook that took up most of 2016, and spilled over into the beginning of 2017,with solo work that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend did in the 1980s. The last album that I digitized and reviewed before The Who’s 2006 reunion album, The Wire, was Pete Townshend’s White City, A Novel, from 1985. The essential goodness of it cuts through some of the superficial ’80s cheese, helped in no small part by David Gilmour, who composed the guitar melody of White City Fighting, and performed on it and on the album’s lead track, Give Blood.

What completes the ensemble here is a short film that went along with the album, aptly named White City: The Music Movie. I enjoyed watching this and just about every other ‘The Who’ movie that exists with my cousin, my friend, and expert in Who-related general knowledge, Angie. It’s been a while since we’ve watched music movies together; my teaching employment has drained me of the energy to travel. Hopefully soon I can gather my strength and make the trip so we can view some more rock & roll cinema.

In the meantime, enjoy also this first use of the melody from White City Fighting, which David Gilmour had earlier given to Roy Harper for use on his Whatever Happened to Jugula LP, in partnership with Jimmy Page:

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