“Who knows who else who is with? No one is with the traveller.”

Beach House released their most recent album of new material, Thank Your Lucky Stars, in late 2015. I did not pick up the album until several months later, in 2016, while I was in the midst of my sprawling The Who marathon. I kept the record sealed in my “new arrivals” stack for like a year, with intent to do a whole Beach House marathon after I was done with The Who.

I finally started the Beach House project in the February of this year, reviewing my Beach House albums, posting music videos of the outstanding tracks, and writing about them in this blog. Tim G.’s Tune Revue is now a thing. In a kind of way, it started here, with my pick for the highlight of Thank Your Lucky Stars: The Traveller.

Honorable mention goes to One Thing, from the same album:

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