“Though he has won, too many men of his army are gone.”

I’m closing out Triumvirat today with the finale and title track from their Spartacus album. It’s pretty cool. I hear Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery in this tune, as well as echoes of Genesis’s IT in a previous Spartacus track, The Burning Sword of Capua. I would say that this record is a solid effort and enjoyable, despite its reliance on prog clichĂ©s.

The album’s concept reaches it’s apex and conclusion here, that being Spartacus’s Pyrrhic victory at battle against the Romans during the Third Servile War or 73-71 BC, a war that Spartacus and his slave would eventually lose, brutally. I don’t know all the history of it, and haven’t got the luxury of time right now to study it.

Suffice to say here that, in my opinion, lyrics such as “Marching on a dusty road/They are on their way to Rome/…/On their way so confident/They are carrying missiles and spears”, from March to the Eternal City, can come across as a little hokey. After all, who is Triumvirat lyricist and drummer Hans Bathelt to say how confident the soldiers were as they marched to Rome? Seems like something he couldn’t know for sure, unless he were there in person. But a story is a story and a concept is a concept. I suppose fleshing out the story with some emotional detail had to happen somewhere along the line, so I find myself once again giving Triumvirat a pass, since the tunage still remains pretty badass, all considered.

I leave you here with the meme-worthy classic scene from Stanley Kubric’s film Spartacus, which might be a half decent entry point for leaning the gladiator’s story.

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