“Intermission does a great jorb at keeping these ‘Parker’ songs unnoticed. Not full length like other songs on the album currents by tame impala” ~ Skarrien Gentley

Nangs follows the album’s opener, Let it Happen. I echo the sentiments of the video’s YouTube commentators, beginning with one Nick Garza, who wrote some two years ago that:

Parker does an amazing job of keeping these “intermission” songs just as good as the full length ones , even though usually shorter songs go unnoticed on an album.

Other YouTube commentators couldn’t help but agree, and turned the sentiment into a sort of inside joke among Tame Impala’s YouTube fanbase:


On so on, and so on, for at least a good year or so after Currents hit the scene. Genius.com gives the skinny on the short, but noticeable “intermission” song’s title:

“Nangs” is a wobbly, disorienting track named after the Australian slang term for canisters filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), a compound gas used in cars to boost speed and transmission, or laughing gas. Nangs are occasionally used as a recreational drug; in the States, they are known as whippets.

The song’s introduction sounds like a balloon filled with N2O being inhaled, which is the method used to get the gas into your system. The track does a good job of emulating the woozy, undulating feeling of being high on N2O.

There you have it.

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