“When I was young I used to sleep out in the garden.”

Disc No. 5 ini the #LastDayAtAKA series is O, by Tilly and the Wall. I picked this one up because, like Cathode Ray, the CD case seemed to have a homemade, hand-painted feel to it. Indeed, the artwork for the album was submitted by fans. Spin reported:

The follow up to 2006’s sophomore set Bottoms of Barrels, which a press release states “has no title,” but “could be called O because its cover it just that: an oval-shaped frame for the artwork,” was produced by Saddle Creek fixture Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Cursive).

What artwork will appear in this mysterious O-shaped frame, you ask? Well, it’s up to you: Tilly and the Wall are inviting fans to submit their own artwork. They’ll pick a dozen entries, and include a different one with each month’s pressings of the album. Collect all twelve!

The cover of the CD has this oval shaped window through which some fan-made artwork appears. I wouldn’t have thought to call the album O, just because the cover has an oval shaped window, but someone did think of that, and that’s what we call the album, I guess.

Unlike Cathode Ray, Tilly and the Wall have a clear web presence, with songs, videos, and articles available online. There is plenty to hear and learn. The genre is a sort of angsty, alternative chick rock that might have been at home next to Hole or L7 in the 1990s. But O is from 2008, so I suppose there is a bit of a nostalgia quality to it.

The album begins with Tall Tall Grass, a sedate ballad that I kind of like because it remind me of camping. If I’m not camping, I’m wishing I were.


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