“Du är min familj!”

Familj immediately follows Tio Bitar‘s introduction, and is my pick for the highlight of the album. It’s upbeat, light and bouncy. It gots the psych organ in spades playing a recurring melody. If you’re feeling a little silly happy, like dancing like a Peanuts character, you’ll follow the organ. If you like what’s going on, but you’re feeling a little more measured—a little more Charlie Brown—you might follow the counterpoint bassline. Either way, you’ll have a pretty good trip. This song lets you choose your own adventure.

The language is Swedish. I just found out the other night how to pronounce the band’s name: Dungen. It’s kind of like a doong-YEN. The song title, Familj, of course means Family, but beyond that I had trouble finding a proper English translation. Google Translate kind of gets the point across, but surely some things are lost. The song is loosely about the mixed emotions of returning to the old neighborhood. The things are slow to change. There seems an excitement to rejoin the family, but also some stifling expectations. I can’t really bank too much on Google Translate, but that seems to be the gist.

An official video directed by Jon Leone accompanies the song. It’s colorful enough, but unfortunately uses the three-minute radio edit, and that’s just not enough Familj. I think the five-minute album cut is too short; I would have kept the end part of it rolling for at least another three minutes.

This isn’t our first introduction to the work of Mr. Jon Leone. He’s also directed the sublime music videos for Beach House’s Gila and Better Times, that latter of which I’ve featured on this very blog.


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