“A situation where every single atom, every molecule, here, is duplicated here, except that it’s in reverse.”

A Reversal of Polarity is a jaunty bass-driven number that marks the midpoint of the EEVIAC album. This band sort of has a thing for wild bass guitars. Googling about the band, of course I happened upon this photo from the BVChicago blog, of bassist CoCo the Electronic Monkey Wizard playing this whale of a bass with what looks like some kind of lit-up electronic sampler uncloaked and merged into the butt of it. I’m just gonna go ahead and re-post that photo here, for fair use purposes, with all credit to photographer Kevin Osterhaut, so we can have a healthy discussion and debate about exactly what’s going on therein:


Please visit the blog to see more views of this monster for yourself. This instrument was what I was expecting to find in use upon searching YouTube for videos of A Reversal of Polarity. I found instead some different but equally mind-blowing bass shenanigans. It looks like a double-neck 8-string, 4-string bass, although I can’t personally identify the make and model. Certainly they could have just had two separate bass guitars played by two different people, but what fun would that have been?

Now, the giant sampler bass is from the band’s more recent, post-2010 incarnation. The double bass is from earlier than that, and is unfortunately only a memory so far as concerns Man or Astro-Man?, SFStation reported in 2013:

We don’t do that anymore. Coco actually sold that bass- which sucks. That song is interesting too because it starts going forward and ends playing backwards- that’s why it’s called the Reversal of Polarity- but nobody every got that.

See if you can get it from the studio version on A Reversal of Polarity, posted below:

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