“P.S.: bring me home and have me”

Disc No. 9 in the #LastDayAtAKA series is Viva Hate, the solo debut from The Smiths’ former frontman, Steven Patrick Morrissey, better known as simply Morrissey. It is the first of two Morrissey albums I picked up at a.k.a. music on that fateful day in 2015.

Some of you may remember, back in 2015, I did a revue of all the Smiths and Morrissey albums I owned at the time. About I month after the conclusion of that revue was the last day at a.k.a music, where I bought these two additional albums, hoping eventually to post an addendum. Here we are at last, in 2018, I’m finally getting around to these albums.

Viva Hate is the first of the two. I’ve listened to it though a couple times now, and my opinion of it is that it’s pretty plain vanilla, by Morrissey’s standards. Of course, everything Morrissey does is high quality—a pleasant mixture of tunefulness and melancholy. Viva Hate isn’t a bad album, but nothing on it strikes me as particularly memorable. It’s like, you know what Morrissey sounds like, and you know what Brit-pop sounds like. Put two and two together, and basically you have Viva Hate.

The lead track is Alsatian Cousin. It’s about, you know, lovers, and stuff. It starts with a jolt, and then it’s pretty much what one would expect from Morrissey thereafter. Enjoy it! 👍

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