“How I dearly wish I was not here.”

Everyday is Like Sunday is my pick for the highlight of Viva Hate. There’s nothing specific to say about why I like it, other than that it’s the third track on the album, the second released single from the album, and the first song that gave me that feeling of liking a song more than I like other songs.

Wikipedia reports that “[t]he lyrics are reportedly inspired by Nevil Shute’s novel On the Beach, about a group of people waiting for nuclear devastation in Melbourne, Australia.” I personally can neither confirm nor deny that.

Some YouTubers are crushing on the young lady in the video. Wikipedia identifies her as one Lucette Henderson. She apparently had a bit part as a cyclist some years earlier in The Smith’s video for Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before. Apparently she and the other cyclists were recruited through a Smiths Indeed fanzine contest, so can only I assume that she was some kind of Smiths fan, and may still be. The Googles reveal little else about her except the trail of tears of aging Smiths fans wondering aloud on various Smiths-related online fora what might have happened to her. I suppose I can now include myself in that lot.

Alongside Ms. Henderson, known British actresses Billie Whitelaw and Cheryl Murray played supporting roles. The former “worked in close collaboration with Irish playwright Samuel Beckett for 25 years and was regarded as one of the foremost interpreters of his works,” according to her Wikipedia page.

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