“This is my four-leaf clover.”

The next act in my #LastDayAtAKA series is receiving an introduction. I did not buy Songs From The Big Chair at my last day at AKA, but I did buy another selection from the same my-friend-Krystal-inspired ’80s Brit-pop band. I wanted to post Head Over Heels first, however, because it was rolling around in my head for the four days in early June that I was turning pedals for Habitat For Humanity’s 2018 Ride For Homes cycling fundraiser. There is always a song that occupies my brainspace for these tours. Last year it was Dreams, by the Allman Brothers Band. This year it was Head Over Heels.

When I was younger and more musically judgmental, I held a disdain for ’80s music. I was a classic rocker, so Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc., was real music. Music from the ’80s was synthy, wimpy, and not real music, or so I felt at the time. Then, in High School and College, I had a great friend, Krystal, who specialized in ’80s music. She bought all the vinyls: Tears For Fears, Thompson Twins, Simple Minds, Howard Jones. You name it, and if is was from the ’80s, she had it. She made me a series of mix tapes. When I saw how dedicated she was to it, I thought maybe I could give it a chance.

So I gave some of it a good listen, starting with Tears For Fears, and as I listened, I thought, like, “This isn’t bad at all. This is actually very good. Why, again, don’t I like this?” When I found to satisfactory answer to that question, the only fair thing to do was to let ’80s music into my collection. So now I have a half decent ’80s vinyl subcollection. It’s still not a specialty, but now give it it’s due respect.

Knowing that I had a “TFF” album up in the #LastDayAtAKA lineup, I had a hankering earlier in the spring to have another listen to Songs From the Big Chair, and I re-learned anew about how the classic Head Over Heels was presented between the bookends of this other song, Broken, with which it shared some elements. Now, hearing the opening piano chords of Head Over Heels as a segue, rather than an introduction, the song now feels like a part of something greater and more epic. Now I prefer to hear Broken and Head Over Heels together as a single musical thought. It’s better that way, but the problem is that the combo now costs four whole credits at the jukebox, instead of two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

YouTube user Tom Mangoes, aka Bee-Sides Radio, was good enough to post the full presentation of Broken and Head Over Heels, which I’ve embedded above. For those who prefer the single presentation of Head Over Heels, do enjoy the official music video below.

Lastly, to piss off the purists who have commented at SongMeanings.com, I would be remiss not to demonstrate the great effect to which Head Over Heels was used in one of my favorite movies, Donnie Darko. The scene was apparently filmed and choreographed specifically to the song:

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