“The stars are now dead.”

Title: As Estrelas Agora Estão Mortas /
_______ – Myopia
Artist: Man or Astro-man?
Album: EEVIAC Operational Index and Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices
Release: Touch-and-Go Records, 1999
Posted: March 25, 2018

We’re into the Top 5 now. That means my winter break is half over. 😱 Leading the Top 5 is this space jam that culminates Man-or Astroman?’s 1999 EEVIAC album. This was a great soundtrack for stargazing and for using the Stellarium planetarium software on the SmartBoard projector when actually stargazing was impractical.

It’s really two tracks on the CD; the first of which plays right in to the second to create a seamless jam. At the time I first posted this in March, there was a YouTube video that put the two together. That video has since been removed, but through the magic of YouTube playlists, the effect has been reasonably simulated.

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