“I see so very clearly now.”

Title: Follow You, Follow Me
Artist: Genesis
Album: … And Then There Were Three …
Release: Atlantic, 1978

For much of the fall, this had been my wind-down song after hopeless and arduous days of teaching. In years past, Derek and the Dominoes’ Little Wing filled this need, but for this year I needed something more calm and reassuring. I started playing Follow You, Follow Me occasionally after school at Northeast in the spring, when my responsibilities were few, but now that I teach full time at West Philadelphia, it has become a necessity. Something about that marimba/xylophone type instument numbs the brain and returns it to a natural rhythm.

Follow You, Follow Me sparked a mini Genesis revival of interest for me, and I would go on to digitize the rest of my Phil Genesis records, including Duke, and their self titled Genesis. I listened to them often on the way to work, but I would be borderline obsessed with …And Then There Were Three… for quite some time. Here are some other album highlights:

Or if you prefer, just play the whole darn album:

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