“It’s a lion’s den, and they treat you rough.”

Title: Lions’ Den
Artist: Pumarosa
Album: The Witch
Release: Fiction Records, 2017

I rang in the 2018 new year with Honey, from the same album. It was great enough for me to remember to eventually buy the CD later in the year, toward the end of the summer. The Witch was a revelation, which I played on heavy rotation for much of September and October.

There were three songs on here that I played relentlessly: The aforementioned Honey, the title track, and Lion’s Den. To keep the countdown to one track per artist this year, for diversity’s sake, I’ve got to choose Lion’s Den over the others. It’s not as perky, but its emotional power has brought it up to the top three, Google Play stats confirm that I did play it more.

Here are the other highlight from The Witch:


Lion’s Den did have an official music video that I would have posted above the fold, had two minutes of the song not been excised. The shortened version doesn’t pack the same punch. Enjoy in any case….


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