Moby Grape: Never

“Working from eleven to seven every night ought to make life a drag. Now I know that ain’t right.”

I did a Moby Grape vinyl digitization marathon a couple years ago, before I started making a big social deal of doing them. That trip included the band’s self-titled debut, their other albums Wow! and Truly Fine Citizen, The CD version of Wow! and Grape Jam, and Vintage: The Very Best of Moby Grape. I recently picked up another piece for the collection: The original vinyl version of Grape Jam. Read more


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Pink Lady Lemonade, You’re From Inner Space (Part 3)

I’ve run across the name Acid Mothers Temple often over the years. I recall that aka music carved out a prominent section for them toward the beginning of their musical alphabet, with such interesting things written about them in Sharpie on the shrink wrap as “Japanese” and “Psychedelic”. I can’t buy everything I see that’s moderately interesting, and so I’ve declined on the Acid Mothers Temple—until now. Read more

Derek and the Dominos: Little Wing

“Take anything you want from me. Anything you want. Anything.”

Derek and the Dominos’ version of Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing got me through the toughest parts of my substitute teaching assignment last year. There was a time when all I could do for the 8th graders was weather the storm and keep showing up. At the end of every rough day, once all the kiddos were gone, I just turned on the liquid energy and soaked it in. Read more

Beach House: Wherever You Go

“Wherever you go, nobody is true.”

I’m saying good-bye tonight, to Beach House, to summer 2017, with Wherever You Go, from Beach House’s recently release B-Sides and Rarities album. Although I had posted upon this tune once before, here, I thought it fitting to do so again now that the song has been properly released under its own title. Prior to the release of B-Sides last June, it was available only as a hidden track at the end of Bloom. Read more

Beach House: Somewhere Tonight

“Somewhere in a ballroom tonight, nowhere on an ordinary night.”

Somewhere Tonight closes out Thank Your Lucky Stars, which is Beach House’s most recent album of all new material to date. I believe this clip from Conan was the first I had seen or heard of an album. The dark eye shadow thing, that’s a new look for Victoria. I’m not really a heavy make-up guy, but I kinda like what happened here. Read more

Beach House: Elegy to the Void

“Deep beneath the waves, white-winged birds of May run from hollow hills.”

Elegy to the Void is probably the noisiest, skronkiest track on Thank Your Lucky Stars, and perhaps the best exemplar of “Beach House+” on the album, that is, the Beach House you’ve known and loved, plus a little something extra.  Read more

Beach House: The Traveller

“Who knows who else who is with? No one is with the Traveller.”

The Traveller is the highlight of Thank Your Lucky Stars, and it’s an excellent tune to play while relaxing alone in your hammock on a camp site that you travelled to and booked yourself. Read more