Man or Astro-Man?: Interstellar Hardrive

“It’s the same series of signals, over and over again!”

Disc #7 in the #LastDayAtAKA Series is 1999’s EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices by the Alabama surf-rock group Man or Astro-Man?. Like several others before it in this series, I chose this disc based solely on the album art concept. Without any prior knowledge of the band, I suspected based on the album art that the music would be electronic, and possibly of a retro variety akin to what I might have heard on the Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music boxed set, had ever bought it. Read more


Dungen: En Gång I År Kom Det En Tår

“Once a year there was a tear.”

I’m wrapping up my study of Dungen’s Tio Bitar this evening with the instrumental En Gång I År Kom Det En Tår. Translations vary, but the title means something along the lines of Once a Year There Was a Tear. How nice that it rhymes in both Swedish and English. Read more

Dungen: Svart Är Himlen

“Black is the Sky”

Svart Är Himlen is the ninth of Tio Bitar‘s ten pieces, and sort of begins the home stretch toward the end of the album. It kind of has that “It’s all building up to something,” kind of vibe to it. Inspring, although I think the drum fills are a little extra. The title means Black is the Sky. Lyrics are here, and kinda lonely.

Dungen: Familj

“Du är min familj!”

Familj immediately follows Tio Bitar‘s introduction, and is my pick for the highlight of the album. It’s upbeat, light and bouncy. It gots the psych organ in spades playing a recurring melody. If you’re feeling a little silly happy, like dancing like a Peanuts character, you’ll follow the organ. If you like what’s going on, but you’re feeling a little more measured—a little more Charlie Brown—you might follow the counterpoint bassline. Either way, you’ll have a pretty good trip. This song lets you choose your own adventure. Read more

Dungen: Intro

Disc #6 of the #LastDayAtAKA series is 2007’s Tio Bitar, by the Swedish psych band Dungen, and it’s the most exciting album in the series since Tame Impala’s Currents kicked it off. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this gem languish on the used CD shelf at AKA many times over the year or so before finally buying it at the store closing sale. I might have had it in hand, ready to buy, at least two or three times, but I forsook it each time for other items on the shelf. Read more

Tilly and the Wall: O


Tilly and the Wall, O
(Team Love Records, 2008)
Art hand numbered: 930/1000

“Special thanks to Craig Demayo, Mason Brown, Clark Baechle and all the artists that helped us create this record, all the artists who contributed their wonderful artwork, the Presnall family, The Williams Family, the Shutt Family … .” Read more