Beach House: Troublemaker

“Some day, out of the blue, it will find you.”

Troublemaker was probably my first favorite track from the Bloom album. There is usually a track on every great album that snares me first, and the others fall like domino in short order. On Bloom, that track was Troublemaker. Since I can’t seem to find any need-to-know factoids about the making of this particular track or any official video that may or may not have been filmed for it, I guess just relax and enjoy the music!

Beach House: The Hours

“Frightened eyes, looking back at me. Change your mind. Don’t leave without me.”

Beach House re-recorded The Hours live for their short film, Forever Still. I’m usually partial to the studio versions of songs, but I sure love to see the group in action, meddling drums notwithstanding. The film is a beaut, co-directed by the band and reknowned advertising and music video director Max Goldman for Pitchfork. After you check that out, listen to the studio version of The Hours below the fold. Read more

Beach House: Lazuli

“Like no other, you can’t be replaced.”

Lazuli is the third track from Beach House’s Bloom. The official video was directed by Allen Cordell, who had previously directed the band’s awkward video for Walk in the Park. I much prefer to watch this video, Lazuli, due to it’s higher production quality and less emphasis on what I saw as empty shock value in the other. Read more

Beach House: Myth

“In between, it’s never as it seems. Help me to make it.”

The timing was just right for me to discover Beach House not too long before the release Bloom, their 2012 follow-up to Teen Dream. I don’t know if I listened to these songs more, or just more recently, but listening to this album last week I’ve found these songs to be a little more familiar to me than those on Teen Dream. Read more

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks

“Would you always—maybe sometimes—make it easy? Take your time.”

In addition to Slow Life, from the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, Victoria Legrand also appeared on the Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks, from their Veckatimest album. I did not know that at all until I just now started Googling Grizzly Bear and Victoria Legrand, but upon further review, there she is, in the album credits. I see she fills in some of the high-end backing vocals. Read more

Grizzly Bear: Slow Life

“Place your bets on chance and apathy, from the wind in front of me. Even though you’re the only I see …”

I adored Grizzly Bear’s Slow Life a couple years before I ever heard of Beach House. Only well after enjoying Beach House’s Teen Dream album was I able to make the connection that Victoria Legrand, vocalist for Beach House, also performed the vocals on Slow Life. Read more